Solicore Piscine

The contaminants of your pool

Your pool is under severe strain.

If it is not covered, the contamination will be of environmental origin: pollen, leaves, dust can come to contaminate the water and to make stains on the liner of your pool.

In rural areas, agricultural spraying can contaminate your pool water with pesticides. In urban areas, the atmospheric fallout such as the particles produced by car exhausts, the activity of factories around ... can affect the quality of your water.

But the swimmer also has a direct impact on the quality of water: sun creams, make-up, sweat, hair are contaminants that are responsible for the liner soiling but also the poor clarity of the water.

And finally, the disinfectant used as chlorine reacts with this organic contaminants  to generate other contaminants and thus add chemical pollution.

The Solicore™ detox program

Solicore™ Piscine is an innovative and patented product developed by Innovchem.


The Solicore™ Piscine material is composed of a natural cellulosic support on which we have fixed a thin film of vegetable oil. By contact, the pollutants will be absorbed into the cartridge irreversibly.

It allows the capture of a wide range of chemical pollutants found in pool water which by their behavior and nature can not be eliminated by the sand filter.

Placed in the skimmer, the Solicore cartridges will play a double role:

- particles filtration, like the sand filter. The fine mesh of the cartridge makes it possible to remove the particles in suspension.

- a chemical filtration which removes fatty compounds and toxic contaminants.

The cartridges trap all the pollution that does not mix with water: sun creams, pesticides, pollen, air pollution to name just these examples.

The process does not impact the chlorine level because it is not absorbed by the cartridge.

Why use Solicore™ Piscine ?

The Solicore™ Piscine cartridge offers many advantages:


- 100% natural product, removable in the waste or compostable !!


- Easy to use: it is simply placed in the basket of the skimmer to provide additional filtration upstream of the sand filter.


- It removes chemical pollution: a clean water line and a pure water !!


- It facilitates daily maintenance.


- It protects the installation of fatty compounds.


- It eliminates the use of flocculant and reduces the use of disinfectant. Less chemical products expenses !!


- And finally, it significantly reduces sand filter washing: significant water savings !!

and then money !!

Solicore™ Piscine cartridges before and after a month of use in an outdoor pool

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