Who are we ?

Innovchem is a young company, created by two chemists: Jean-Marie Casanova and Jean-Christophe Garrigues and located near Toulouse in Ramonville Saint-Agne (31520)


Everything began from two main observations.


The first is about pool water quality. It can be contaminated by all sorts of toxic compounds carried by the environment or by the swimmers themselves. By their chemical nature, these pollutants remain irreversibly in the pool because they do not mix with water and many of them remain on the surface.


The second observation is about the skimmers: they only serve to recover the water before filtration by the sand filter and cleans the water very roughly by removing large debris such as twigs, leaves or insects

Therefore, we have sought to enhance this part of the pool which is little used or not used to contribute to better water.


It is for this reason that we have developed a filter cartridge to be placed in the skimmer.

It has two roles: it allows a physical filtration by its shape and the mesh of the cartridge AND a chemical filtration thanks to the patented material; Solicore™.


The goal of the process is to purify your water and make it clearer for a more beautiful swimming experience.


A product respectful of the swimmers and eco-friendly


Solicore™ material uses only ecological and non-toxic raw materials.


The product is to be disposed of as garbage after its use or could be composted.


Because of its action of decontamination, the cartridge avoid to reject in the environment residues of cosmetic,sunscreens, and oils.

An eco-friendly product


For production of Solicore™ Material, we try to use local raw materials. 


The production is carried-out in our workshop in Ramonville Saint-Agne

Compatible with all configurations

Innovchem Piscine products are dedicated to private, professionals and public pools.


Whatever your configuration, we  adapt our solutions for a perfect and efficient cartridges integration.


We deliver worldwide.

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